Ábrahám Kovács: Calvinism on the Peripheries


Cikkszám: 9789632361833

Subhead:Religion and Civil Society in Europe
There had been a time in the later sixteenth century when it seemed that Calvinism, with its rigorous theol...

Ár: 4 250 Ft Eredeti ár: 5 000 Ft

Bodor Péter: On emotions: A Developmental Social Constructionist Account

Raktáron: 2 db

Cikkszám: 9789639457760

This book is part of an exciting new movement in psychology that links issues of emotion, identity, discourse and development. Meshing a social constructioni...

Ár: 1 657,5 Ft Eredeti ár: 1 950 Ft

Edited by Ágnes Birtalan – Zsolt Szilágyi: Rescued Epics

Raktáron: 3 db

Cikkszám: 9789632365374

Three Heroic Epics from the Repertoire of the Bayit Bard, Uwxin Bat
The history of this book began nearly fifty years ago. I graduated from the Departme...

Ár: 4 500 Ft

Edith Oltay: Fidesz and the Reinvention of the Hungarian Center-Right

Raktáron: 2 db

Cikkszám: 9786155164040

I have lived outside Hungary since my childhood but have been a frequent visitor to Budapest following the transition to democracy. Since little is known abo...

Ár: 3 000 Ft

Gábor Vargyas (edited by): Passageways


Cikkszám: 9789632362878

Subhead: From Hungarian Ethnography to European Ethnology and Sociocultural Anthropology
In 2005 the Department of European Ethnology and Cultural Anthr...

Ár: 7 000 Ft

Hoppál Kál Bulcsú (szerk.): Aquinói Szent Tamás és a tomizmus ma


Cikkszám: 9789632362854

Thomas Aquinas and thomism today

Ár: 2 000 Ft

Hungarian Archeology at the Turn of the Millennium

Raktáron: 1 db

Cikkszám: 9799638629189

Anyone who sees this richly-illustrated and lavish volume will realise that Hungarian archaeolgy is alive and well at the beginning of the 21st century. Prin...

Ár: 5 985 Ft

Ioannes Sylvester: Grammatica Hungarolatina

Raktáron: 1 db

Cikkszám: 9789634463924

János Sylvester (around 1504-before 1552) was an outstanding figure of Hungarian humanism. He translated the entire New Testament into Hungarian (1541) using...

Ár: 3 500 Ft

István Bori (szerk.): Being Hungarian. 50 Facts & Facets of Nationhood

Raktáron: 2 db

Cikkszám: 97896373436520

What is it to be Hungarian? What does it feel like? Most Hungarians are convinced that the rest of the world just doesn't get them. They are right. True, muc...

Ár: 2 000 Ft

Konter László: A history of Hungary

Raktáron: 1 db

Cikkszám: 9789639777057

A History of Hungary provides a comprehensive yet approachable survey in which politics and culture, economic, social and intellectual developments, and the ...

Ár: 3 995 Ft


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